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Three Pizza Franchises Make Franchise Direct
List of Top 10
0 Global Franchises

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Three pizza franchises make Franchise Direct’s
List of Top 100 Global Franchises for 2009


Franchise Direct, one of the world’s top franchise portals, has released its first-annual list of the Top 100 Global Franchises, and three pizza franchises have been included. Franchise Direct arrived at these rankings after examining thousands of franchises worldwide. Franchising plays a major role in the global economy, with Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and Papa Murphy's making the Top 100, the enduring strength of pizza franchises has been highlighted.


Franchise Direct is perfectly positioned to examine the global franchise market, as it is a prominent player in international franchising and operates popular national portals in seven major economies in North America and Europe. The list was compiled according to an objective methodology that factored in a range of commercial matters alongside matters of corporate citizenship and best practice. It also weighed in its support and financing for franchisees, as well as its policy regarding environmental and social matters to arrive at its list of the Top 100 Global Franchises (


The Top 100 Global Franchises provide an insightful glimpse inside the state of the franchising industry in the current economic climate. The Top 100 is largely dominated by the top performers in the quick-service restaurant industry. In specific terms, pizza franchises seem specifically-suited to international success, with one pizza franchise cracking the top 5.


The final rankings for the three pizza franchises on the list were: Pizza Hut (#4), Papa John’s (#71) and Papa Murphy’s (#92).

Franchising is seen by many as an American concept, but these rankings are also unique because they indicate the rising success of franchises outside of America. Fifteen franchises that are not based in America have cracked the Top 100, with franchises from Japan, Australia and Britain represented. 


This list provides a blueprint for franchises considering international expansion.

While each franchise on the Top 100 has developed a clear brand identity, they all share a number of similar traits. Each has built its success on a clear business model that’s easy to replicate, a strong support apparatus, an ability to innovate and a sensitivity towards environmental issues.



Pizza franchises are certain to play a greater role in the globalizing economy. Despite the global credit crunch, the world’s top pizza franchises remain cautiously optimistic. This list shows that franchising, and in particular, pizza franchises continue to remain a vibrant economic force in America and beyond.


Franchise Direct is one of the world’s leading franchise portals.
Their American center is in Atlanta, Georgia and
they can be contacted on 1-866-325-9830


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