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December 2007

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1. What's New?    Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

2. Exclusive Interview with Willard Gustavsen,
Creator of The 2 Stone Pizza Grill
(You need to read this interview and see the video...)

4. Ed LaDou: Legend of Pizza


1. What's New?    Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for supporting Pizza Therapy. I am humbled by all of your good will and continued positive support. For truly, without you, the would be no Pizza Therapy.

I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and very prosperous New Year filled with incredible pizza adventures. Feliz Navidad...

May all of your pizzas turn out fantastic. May your crust always rise.  May you have the best of health. May you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Celebration. Be well. Stay well.

C'mon, I wait every year to say:

"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"

Noted pizzaiolo Jon F. passes on the following cartoon to pizza fans everywhere..


A Very Pizza Therapy Christmas

Pizza Ornament from Jon and Sandy
My Favorite Pizza Ornament:
A treasured gift from good friends, Jon and Sandy

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This is an excellent Pizza Book!
Passionate pizza!
by my friend
Tony G.



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2. Exclusive Interview with Willard Gustavsen, Creator of
The 2 Stone Pizza Grill

Can you build a better mouse trap? Can you improve on making pizza? Can you turn an ordinary grill into a pizza making machine with temperatures far exceeding normal limits?

Willard Gustavsen, from Berrien Springs Michigan, says he can.
And after looking at all of the evidence, I believe him.

Willard has created a most incredible pizza grill. A pizza oven. A pizza skirt for a Webber Grill...and who knows what else this Pizza Inventor is working on?
Plus, he has the video to prove it. (Follow the link for an exclusive interview, here.)
The grill will crank up to 800-1000 F. and will cook a pizza in 3 minutes or less.

The 2 Stone Product Line

The Pizza Grill

The Pizza Oven

The Pizza Skirt

You can find out more at a post at The Pizza and Pasta Forum Click> here.

(Willard is a member of the Pizza and Pasta Forum and you can be one to:
 its free. Register HERE. )

When I first heard about these pizza devices, I knew I had to track down Willard and get him to do an interview for Pizza News.

Willard writes: 

"Hello, Albert. Thanks a lot for your patience.

I held off a little so the information that I give you would be more conclusive and up to date,
since I was just in the middle of adding three more versions of the 2stone to the line.

When I first started shipping the 2stone Pizza Grill I intended for it to reach the
700 F range. I  soon found that there was a lot of interest in reaching 1000 F+, so we
added some variations and methods that achieve that.

The Interview with Willard continues
HERE. You Can also see the Grill in action.

(Look for video of pizza cooking in 3 minutes at the bottom of the page...)

Get ready to be amazed! Go here now.


3. Ed LaDou: Legend of Pizza

"I went to lunch with some friends the other day. We ended up at California Pizza Kitchen. Certainly not my first choice, but I was out voted. Not that I have anything against CPK, the pizza there is OK. It's just that when I see the sign, I think it should be called "Ed LaDou's California Pizza Kitchen".

To find out why you need to, read the rest of this story at the
 >>Pizza Blog from pizzatherapy.com


That's all the "Pizza News!", for now...

"Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All"

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

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