Daddy Jack’s Wood Fired Pizza, New London Connecticut

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One of our Special Pizza Field Agents, Espo is on the prowl for new and exciting pizza experiences.
He has reported on incredible pizza in Seattle, (Tutta Bella). He has gone to Puerto Rico as well as South America (Columbia and Peru) to discover notable pizzerias and given priceless pizza  reviews.
On the East Coast he has reported on pizza in New York and some of the best pizza in Connecticut such as  New Haven pizza (Pepe’s, Sally’s, Modern, Da Legne, Zuppardi’s and more…). 
He has reported on  the pizza in New London, Connecticut such as The Recovery Room (Near L and M Hospital). Now he takes us to Downtown New London on Bank Street and reviews Daddy Jack’s Wood Fired Pizza.
Pizza Agent Espo writes:
“People have been telling me about Daddy Jack’s a place on Bank Street in New London as a place with good eats. Lou is in Tennessee visiting friends but my friend Peter and I kept our Friday after work go out to dinner date. Daddy Jack (Jack Chaplin) is the chef and owner.
Daddy Jack with Wood-fired Oven

Daddy Jack with Wood-fired Oven

As you can see he has put together a wood fired pizza oven. And I’ll tell you he puts out one heck of a delicious pizza. We had the special pizza of the night which was walnut pesto, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, mushrooms and cheese pie. The ingredients were all fresh and the flavors blended together in the tastiest way. The toppings rested on a thin and crispy crust that in itself was a masterpiece of good cooking, thin and crispy with the fine subtle taste of excellent virgin olive oil. We enjoyed every bite.
Specialty Pizza from Daddy Jack

Specialty Pizza from Daddy Jack

We put the finish on the meal with a wonderful piece of pumpkin pie that Daddy Jack’s wife baked. It too was out of this world delicious.
Crust of Pizza from Daddy Jack

Crust of Pizza from Daddy Jack

Daddy Jack’s does more than pizza. There is a entre menu that I can’t wait to explore.
Al, Daddy Jack is food maven such as yourself and has put together a great pizza place that I think you and your readers will enjoy.
Thanks Daddy Jack for the inspiration but mostly thanks for the good food.
Pizza On Earth
Good Will To All
Here is a great video introduction to Daddy Jack’s. The fact that he is a blues fan, makes me want to check out Daddy Jack even more!
So you know where I’m going the next time I’m in New London!

181 Bank St
New London, Connecticut
(860) 444-8888
One of the best things about Daddy Jack is his Tube Channel.
He has shares many recipes, and you can watch him your self!
What a great resource for any foodie.
Here is the link to >>> Daddy Jack’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Jack Chaplin says:

    Thank You So much for the nice article on Daddy Jack’s, but mostly for showcasing Steve, he had done wonders and really stepped in a time of need for us, plus he is only 21, my daughter Luci and I write a monthly article that you can read online, about food and music. All the best to you all at Pizza Therapy and to Espo!!! Peace And A Slice Of The Pie!! Jack

  2. pizzatherapy says:

    Thank you Jack for all that you do. All the best to you and Daddy Jack’s. The fact you are willing to share your knowledge, wisdom and good will with your videos on your YouTube Channel, is truly commendable. A big shout out to Steve for all he has done as well. We salute you in your mission to have food lovers embrace your philosophy and positive energy. The next time I’m on Bank Street. you know where I’ll be going! Pizza Therapy gives you two thumbs up!

    Keep on doing what you do!
    pizza on earth and all over Bank Street,
    Albert Grande
    Pizza Therapy
    legends of Pizza

  3. Samuel C carpenter says:

    The lobster bisque film was really a new dimension for me. I’m learning to cook. All these years we threw out the shells.
    How would I reduce the bisque to a cube of stock powder?

    • pizzatherapy says:

      I must say, I do not know. I saw Rachael Ray just boil shrimp shells with some herbs and chicken broth. The stock came out amazing. you can find the
      recipe in this book Rachael 50. (Affiliate Link)
      This book is on my list to purchase.

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