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Tony Gemignani Explains How Caputo Americana Flour Was Developed

Claim Caputo Americana right here.   Caputo Flour “00” is known for making some of the finest pizza flour in the world. The only problem is that this flour is ideal for classic Neapolitan Pizza in wood fired oven, gas or electric ovens and requires a very high temperature. Great for Neapolitan Pizza, not so […]

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Dom DeMarcoMarco of DiFara Pizza Interview and American Test Kitchen Pizza

In a very rare interview, Dom Demarco of DiFara Pizza. Here is a modified dough recipe which tries to recreate the amazing pizza made by Dom DeMarco dough recipe… 16.5 oz bread flour (12-13 percent protein) 2 tspns sugar 1/2 teaspoon yeast 1 and 1/3 cup ice cold water ice cold water Let sit for […]

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Pizza Therapy’s Pizza Quest Part 1

I was recently honored to do an interview with Peter Reinhart at his site, Pizza Quest. What follows is an excerpt of the interview: PQ (Peter):    Albert, thanks so much for doing this interview. You’ve been doing your site, for a long time now. Albert: I started making pizza with a recipe my […]

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Brick Fire Tavern, Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Honolulu

True story: I’m at Pizza Expo, at the end of a seminar. I literally bump into this guy while getting a cup of coffee. “Where you from I ask?” “Honolulu” he replies. “I’m from Honolulu, too” I say. Well, needless to say we struck up a conversation. His name is Matt and he explained he and […]

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Tony Gemignani’s Pizza Bible Tour East Coast 2016

October, 2016 From Tony Gemignani: Starting Sunday Oct 16 I will be on an East coast book tour for The Pizza Bible with my good friend Scott Anthony. F.Y.I: Scott is the owner of Punxsy Pizza, located in Punxsatawney PA. ( Editor’s Note: “The last time Tony was in Punxsatawney, Punxsatawney Phil almost ended his pizza making […]

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Roasalee’s Pizza Review from Espo

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Notes from the road. I’ve been visiting with Rick and Clarissa for the past week and having a blast. Tonight they took me to Rosalee’s Pizzeria in Longmont Colorado. Amy and James own the place, James is the pizziaolo. These people are as crazy about Pizza as you are. They have done the New Haven […]

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