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Priceless Pizza Dough Advice from Peter Reinhart

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In a recent article by, Pizza Dough Tips That Will Make you Feel Like a Scientist, noted bread baker and pizza maker Peter Reinhardt shared 4 tips to make perfect pizza dough at home. Peter, has written a number of books about pizza and baking including the classic: “American Pie, My Search for the […]

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No Cost Cooking Video Courses including Crafting, Photography Courses Until April 16, 2020

I wanted to tell you about an amazing way you can get video courses for free until April 16th, 2020. Each course is a multi-part course. Many classes offer additional, downloadable materials. No credit card required and just enter your email address. No credit card required. Simple, easy and free! In a hurry? Go to […]

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Detroit Style Pizza Adventure

Detroit Pizza is Truly Uniquely Delicious I know I’m a little late to the Pizza Party on Detroit Style pizza. Detroit pizza is totally different with a very delicious taste. What makes this pizza different from other pizza the wall of melted cheese around the sides. As the cheese melts the pizza there is a chewy, almost burnt taste […]

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Peter Reinhart and Chef Leo Create Pizza Magic at Pizza Expo

In this video Chef Leo Spizzirri, is interviewed by Peter Reinhart at Pizza Expo. He is creating a Tart Flambe’ which could be considered a French version of pizza. He made a sauce using crème fresh, egg yolks a little coriander and white pepper.  The coriander is a seed that is ground up. This taste […]

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How to Plan a Pizza Crawl: Video Review of Scott Wiener in Pizza Quest

  Meet my friend, Scott Wiener, a pizza historian, pizza box expert and all around pizza professional. This is a review of Scott’s Wiener’s article in Peter Reinhart’s Pizza Quest on “How to Do a Pizza Crawl…” Scott Wiener is a pizza fanatic, as well as the founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours. I have had […]

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Peter Reinhart Talks Great Pizza at Pizza Expo

Reinhart Speaks About Pizza and Bread One of my highlights of going to Pizza Expo was being able to have conversations with Peter Reinhart. Over the course of several days, I had multiple conversations with Peter and learned from each one. I like to think we started a long conversation many years ago that just […]

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