Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

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Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

Un Americana In Italia Interview

A Slice of Pizza from pizzatherapy.com  Sky Dylan Robbins is an amazing person who shares her love of food through her film making... Sky visits the Caputo Flour Factory in Italy... 

Sky Dylan Robbins is a filmmaker with an unbridled passion for food. you can hear it in her voice. You can feel it in her film.

Her latest project, Un Americana in Italia chronicles her food adventures in Italy. The film is comprised of 12 different episodes. Each episode takes you on a different quest to discover the truth about food. She gives us an understanding of why we are so obsessed with food.

Sky takes you inside the underground secrets of how various food is produced. She also reveals the passions of those who create these amazing foods.

Food for Sky is magical. She celebrates the creation of food. She celebrates the consumption of food. Eating and sharing food together is an event that deserves to be celebrated.

Episodio 10, "Un'Americana in Italia." Girato a Molino Caputo (Napoli, Italia). Regia, montaggio: Sky Dylan-Robbins. Direttore della Fotografia: Vincenzo D'Arpe. Operatore: Alessandro Marti.



Understand, Caputo Flour, is formulated to be used with Neapolitan Pizza which is cooked in an extremely hot oven. The ovens used are primarily wood fired ovens. While this is a great flour, I do not recommend this flour for the home pizza chef.

You can order Caputo Flour, right here:


 Caputo " 00" Pizzeria Flour 25kg (55lb) Bag 

For the home pizza maker, I recommend Gold Medal Better for Bread Flour. This flour allows for a high hydration of your dough . It also tends to work much better in your home pizza oven. While I have used other flours, I endorse and use Better for Bread Flour when I make pizza.


Caputo Flour at Pizza Expo

Sky shared her own passion for food during our interview. In this interview Sky reveals...

•The inside secrets to the Best Flour in Italy, Caputo

•The true passion of the master pizza makers in Naples

I've posted Sky's interview here:

Listen to Sky, here. (Opens in new window)

or listen to Sky at this link. (Opens in new window)




Ingredients to make pizza dough: This video discusses the simple ingredients you need to make pizza dough. You can make a great dough with simply, flour, salt, yeast and water.
There are other optional ingredients that I use.




How to Make Pizza Dough from pizzatherapy.com: In this video I will show you how to make pizza dough.



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