Brick Fire Tavern Certified Neapolitan Pizza in Honolulu

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Brick Fire Tavern serves authentic Neapolitan pizza in Honolulu. The pizza is lovingly crafted in an imported Italian wood-fired oven. The crusts are soft and pillowy. The taste of the pizza crust shines through with each bite. The toppings are locally sourced, fresh and full of goodness.

They explain:

“Authentic pizza Napoletana is what we do.

Light and airy with a pillowy crust, slight crisp, and a nice chew – the kind of pizza your Italian grandmother would be proud of.  

It’s craft pizza, it’s house-made dough, it’s Napoletana.”

Matt and his partner Inthira were enamored by the thought of learning to make pizza.  They knew they had to discover the perfect pizza master to show them the way. They traveled to various cities in their pizza journey: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco. Nothing seemed quite right.

Then they discovered Enzo Coccia and traveled to Italy to enroll in his pizza school. Enzo only takes students 8 months of the year. He personally approves each student who enrolls in his school.  Luckily they were accepted.  This was a 3-month commitment as well as an enormous investment in money to complete the school. During weekends they would travel to different areas, sampling the foods, including wine and cheese.

What Matt and Inthira discovered was to be truly Italian, you must be fresh and local. They adopted this value when they opened Brick Fire Tavern.

The philosophy is to:

  • Respect the craft
  • Respect Tradition
  • Respect Local and Fresh

Brick Fire Tavern was recently certified by VPN as serving authentic Italian Pizza. This is the first and only authentic Italian restaurant in Honolulu.

The pizzas were in a word amazing. we had Margherita, Funghi (mushroom), the shrimp truck pizza and more. The pizza was astounding and amazing.

Find Brick Fire Tavern
16 North Hotel Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
(808) 369-2444

Here are some pics of our visit to Brick Fire Tavern:

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