The following is a review of Colonia Santa Teresa Amazon Prime which is an invaluable resource if you purchase anything from buy Lyrica in uk Amazon. Pizza Therapy will only promote and feature programs and items which we believe will be a great benefit to our visitors.

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As you know there are many places to get deals and bargains on-line. One of my absolute favorite places to shop over the years has been amazon. I have never been disappointed with any purchase. 

In addition to books of all kinds and subjects, I have purchased, pizza supplies, pizza flour, pizza tools, CD’s, DVD’s printing cartridges, household items, refrigerator parts, items for our dog Luna Twinkie,  and the list goes on and on and and on. You get the idea. I have always been satisfied with my purchases. There have been times when I have had to return things to Amazon, and there was no problem. I just wrapped everything up and sent it back. Here is an example of a recent purchase: Tony Gemignani’s Pizza Bible.


This year Amazon is holding a Special: Prime Day which offers many special deals including free shipping on many items. For example: pizza peels, pizza stones, (including baking steel), pizza pans, and many other pizza related products. You can also get free shipping on countless other items in the Amazon catalog.

Please note: You need to sign up for Amazon Prime to participate in all of the savings.

Amazon Prime is offering special deals for a number of products. You can get: “Same-Day or Two-Day Delivery with Prime”. Understand the benefits to being a Prime Member do not just end with free shipping.

You are also able to stream many top rated movies and television shows. You can also watch movies and programs which are available no where else.

In addition you can get deals on Kindle unlimited, including the ability to purchase a Kindle.

If you are an audio books fan you can get deals on Audible, the amazon audio books program.

There are many other benefits to being a Prime Member. In addition to the free shipping on many items you can also take advantage of exclusive deals for  Prime Members!

The best part is you can try it for free for 30 days. I have joined in the past for a 30 day trial. When I decided to end the trial, there was no problem. You can cancel your membership anytime during the 30 day trial.

I recommend you give Amazon Prime a try. I recommend this without hesitation or reservation.


Check it out right here:  Prime Member.

Full disclosure: I am an Affiliate. If you purchase anything through any link on Pizza Therapy, I will be compensated. The item will not cost any more if you go through a link on this website. Thank you for your support.



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