Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

Scott Anthony Interview
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Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

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Here is an audio interview with Scott Anthony...

In the following interview Scott Anthony, in Punxsutawney, PA explains the secrets of success for business owners. Scott has been able to turn his pizzeria into a business that is not only profitable but also a valued business in his community of Punxsutawney. Scott explains that for any business to be successful, one needs to be responsive as well generous to your community. Scott and his company have created a series of fund raisers and events which have not only helped raise funds but also helped his business succeed exponentially.

Scott also discusses his book “Profits in the Pie” which outlines his secrets for success for not only pizzeria owners but all small businesses.

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Here is a video my review of Profits in the Pie



You need to read  Profits in the Pie: to get an insight of how Scott Anthony has created a thriving pizza business!

Simply a must read for anyone interested in the Pizza Business!


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Audio Interview Home At Pizza Therapy

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