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1. We Have Some Winners!

2. I'm going to Hollywood, Baby! Jimmy Kimmel Wants My Pizza...

3. An email from Ed LaDou: The Olympics and Caioti Pizza Cafe

4. A Convection Oven Pizza Tip

5. Appeal for A Peel...



1. We Have Some Winners!

The contest is over. I want to personally thank everyone who entered the contest. Everyone who purchased any item from the Legends of Pizza Project was automatically entered, and eligible to win.

Congratulations to Jon and David for winning the latest pizzatherapy.com contest.

Jon won an autographed copy of Tony Gemignani and Diane Morgan's incredible book:
pizza. David won a pizzatherapy.com t-shirt.

Thank you so much for your support.

I have gotten great feedback about the Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 eBook

"It is a very good idea to read the Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 eBook, because it was very nice with all the links that you made in the text, very helpful and a good way to go deeper on the way to make better pizza."
 Swedish Pizzaiolo on the
Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 e-Book

2. I'm going to Hollywood, Baby! Jimmy Kimmel Wants My Pizza...

The following is 100% true...

"I coulda been a contender..." 
 Marlon Brando from On the Waterfront


"I was one email away from being famous..."

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter, pizza-man 

Albert Grande says "Get The Pizza Book!"



Here is why, "I coulda been a contender!":

I was shocked when I read the email. C'mon: Things like this only happen in movies and on TV, but not in real life.
Here is the email that made me fall out of my chair:

"Hi Guys
We're the writer's on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Just saw you on the Travel Channel. Best looking of all the pizzas they showed. We're constantly debating the best pizzas. Any chance you guys ship your pies? Would love to hook Jimmy up with some.
Thanks and great work!
Tony Barbieri"

(Albert's side bar: Jimmy Kimmel has a late-late night comedy show in the United States.
His show is later than Jay Leno or David Letterman, who also have late night comedy shows)

I read the email in total disbelief. Then I re-read it...

Now first of all, these guys saw me on the Travel Channel. "Amazing," I thought, "simply amazing. I don't even remember being on the Travel Channel, but if these TV guys saw me, well, it must be true!"

Secondly, I had the best looking pizza!

Finally, they wanted me to ship a pizza to Jimmy Kimmel....(Continued...HERE)

 Read the rest of the story in my blog:
 Pizza Notes from pizzatherapy.com Click Me...


3. An email from Ed LaDou: The Olympics and Caioti Pizza Cafe

Ed writes:

"The Associated Press thinks maybe whoever has the best pizza, Chicago or Los Angeles, will determine who gets selected to host the 2016  Olympics.

They picked Caioti Pizza Cafe to represent LA's best argument. A flattering selection for me, although one that
might not  be taken too seriously. : ) Just thought it was interesting and
I'd  pass it on to a few. Regards to everyone,    Ed LaDou"

Here is the article link>>>Click.

You have my vote Ed!

Discover more about Ed LaDou:

Chef Ed LaDou shows a Veggie pizza...

Chef Ed LaDou shows a Veggie pizza with Lemon Grilled Eggplant
and Goat cheese and arugula at Caioti Pizza Cafe


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4. A Convection Oven Pizza Tip

Guy shares the following:

Thanks for your pizza newsletter. I don't use a pizza stone, but I have a convection oven that browns the crust evenly in a few minutes at the BROIL setting. Because we (all my family) love our pies with a thin crispy crust, I then turn the crust over and let the other side bake to a light golden brown for another 3 or 4 minutes.

 I then turn the oven down to a low setting to allow the cheese to melt and the ingredients to become heated thoroughly and partially cooked before adding the sauce and ingredients of choice. The pie cooks in about 4-5 minutes and has a crunchy crust. Just thought I'd pass this along to all pizza lovers who make their pies at home. If anyone has a convection oven (mine is a small table top model), give it a try if you love a thin crisp crust.

My response:

Thanks for the info, Guy. I have used a convection oven to cook pizza before. It is somewhat tricky. Thanks for the great tip

5. Appeal for A Peel...

The Stratocaster Pizza Peel, from pizzatherapy.com
The Famous Fender Stratocaster Pizza Peel  


Claudia writes:

As a master of the pizza, I was hoping you might be able to help me in my
quest. I am looking for a pizza peel that is more than an ordinary wooden pizza peel. I saw the Fender Stratocaster
Pizza Peel on your website and was fascinated.

I want to buy something that is a bit more unique than a regular peel. I have been scouring the internetfor some sort of decorated or personalized wooden pizza peel and haven't had
any luck. I was wondering if you knew of any? Thanks so much!

My Response:

Great question Claudia! I will post your question at the Forum and also ask Pizza News Readers.

Please post your response here:


And if you want to see some pics of Ron's Famous Stratocaster Pizza Peel, go to this link:



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"Pizza on Earth,
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