Rumors of Pizza News not being sent out are true!

I do apologize for not send out more Pizza News updates… Any problems have been my own problems…..I thought it was a technical glitch, but the truth is I was the problem.

And the problem has been fixed!

One of my newest projects is Pizza T-shirts

I’ve got lots of updates coming. Interviews, pizza tips, news and reviews of Pizza Expo and more! Stay tuned. And if you don’t want updates anymore: there is a link at the bottom to unsubscribe from all future emails.

Here in the US we have a holiday this week end known as Memorial Day. It is a time to honor all of our Service Men and Women in the Armed Forces. If you are an Armed Forces member, former member or family member, I want to say thank you for all you have done for our country.

I’m getting ready to host a pizza party. I made 4 batches of dough which are proofing in my fridge. I’m using a simple recipe using, water, salt, yeast and flour…

find the simple recipe, at this page. Look for the Cold Ferment Alternative Dough Recipe
at the bottom of the page
buy accutane ireland Pizza Dough Recipe.

I’ve been creating a number of videos which I’ve been posting on my YouTube page. One of the newest videos is a tribute to my friends Sam and John at Metro Pizza in Las Vegas.

Metro is celebrating a 35 year anniversary. I tell the Metro story in about 90 seconds!

Check it out on Legends of Pizza
or see it below and please comment.

I’ve got lots more videos planned…Interviews, pizza tips and more, coming soon!

You can stay up to date with my updates on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well as Instagram.

Or just go to:
Pizza Therapy
and look for the icons at the top of the page. Pizza Therapy is loading slowly and I am working on getting that fixed. Please bear with me…

I’m working on a Pizza T-shirt collection.
Here is the link for that:

Get this shirt Click HERE

I’d love to hear what you think. I’m working on my own designs. There will definitely be a “Pizza on Earth” t-shirt coming out soon.

Again, I want to say thanks for staying with me. I hope all of your pizza adventures are wonderful! My joy and passion is sharing pizza love with the world! And that means: making pizza or just eating pizza!

Stay well!

pizza on earth,


Pizza Therapy and

Legends of Pizza Blog


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