The $25,000 Pizza Recipe Update

Our friend Gail won $25,000 from the Food Network, with her special pizza recipe. I have written about it be fore. I started thinking...sure the $25,000 pizza recipe was important, but in the Big picture of life, there is a more important lesson to be learned.
Here's the story:
This is a true pizza story with a happy ending. An amazing pizza story!
Our friend Gail, decided to enter her pizza in a contest sponsored by the Food Network.
But let me give you a little background first.
Originally from Connecticut, Gail now lives in Tennessee.
Gail is a long time supporter of Pizza Therapy and she is like a member of the family.
A few years back, we had a pizza contest at Pizza Therapy and she won top prize.
It is a great recipe. The key ingredient, according to Gail, was the water. New Haven water.
The same water used by Pepe's, Sally's and Modern Apizza. These pizzerias are legendary pizzerias in New Haven.
Gail was tired of the pizza in Tennessee and created her own pizza recipes. And whenever she traveled up to New Haven, she would return with a suitcase full of water.
She decided her pizza was good enough to enter in a Pizza Showdown on the Food Network.
She was right. Out of 10,000 hungry applicants: she made the finals...
Wait, there's more!
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The kicker is that during the filming of her Food Network pizza show, she traveled to New Haven, and went to Sally's Apizza. She immediately went into the ladies room and filled a bottle of water. She used the water to make her award winning pizza!
(OK first she asked Flo Consiglio if it was OK. Flo said yes!)
And she won first prize. She won $25,000 for hep pizza recipe! Plus other prizes.
I recorded a great interview with Gail describing, how she entered the contest and how she was able to win.
You can listen to the entire interview (and download it if you wish) at this link:
If you wish, you can also listen at Pizza Therapy at this link:
I know you are going to love this interview. It is a great pizza tale full of adventure and as I said, a happy ending.
But here is the real nugget of gold from Gail's story: we all have it in us to succeed at whatever we do.
We need to have faith and believe in ourselves. That is the real point to this interview!
For Gail it was a pizza recipe, for you it is whatever your dreams and hopes are.
So dream big my friends! I know you will accomplish whatever it is you set out to do!
I know all of your dreams and hopes will come true.
And Gail's dream started out with a simple pizza recipe. She believed and she won.Big time.
So not only dream, but dream BIG!
Follow your dreams, follow your heart, follow your beliefs.
And never, ever, never, give up! Keep the faith!
Have passion, then take action.
I want to wish you all the best.
Enjoy this interview. Here are the links again:

I wish you the best in all that you do!
pizza on earth, good will to all,
The Pizza Promoter
Pizza Therapy
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Special Values

Gail holds nothing back in this interview. Listen to the entire interview, below.

Gail and Guy Fieri on The Food Network

Gail the $25,000 winner with Guy Fieri

Here's what Gail said to Flo Consiglio owner of Sally's:

"I said Flo, I'm going to be in this competition, and I really want to use your water for this competition, is that OK?...."

You can download the interview with this link:
 The $25,000 Pizza Recipe
(Just right click and save to your computer)

Listen here:


Here is an alternative link:
You can listen and download the entire interview at the bottom of this page on Legends of Pizza.


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One of my favorite movies of all time is Mystic Pizza.

Although, there really is no Mystic Pizza, like in the movie, Mystic is an incredible place to visit.

I grew up in the area that is was filmed and I must say Connecticut is a great place to visit.

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